Feature-rich B2B shop

Our platform is built to drive B2B business. All our features will support the merchant who drives a serious e-commerce B2B business.


Quick Order by SKU

Add products directly to the cart in the quick order field using product SKUs or Item numbers. This gives and easy link between your print catalogue and your webshop.

List view

All products are displayed in a simple list. Customers can easily change to grid view instead.

B2B optimized checkout

Simple one step checkout optimised for easy dispatch of orders. No unnecessary steps in the purchasing process.


Customers have access to all their former orders and are given the opportunity to reorder the products.

B2B Login

Builtin functionality that forces the customer to login before beeing able to order and see cart and prices.

Combine Orders

Combine multiple orders from the same client into 1 order. This saves your time and money in your shipping department.

Download Center

Your customers can download product and marketing files such as product specifications, warranties, catalogs, sales brochures, etc. From the backend you can see how many times the files has been downloaded.

Standard lists

The customers can create multiple lists with specific product and save them. They can add the entire list to the cart, or just some of the products from the list.

Add to cart by CSV

Upload an CSV with SKU/Item numbers and quantity, and add multiple product to the cart.

Credit limit

This let you set a limit for how much each customer can have in unpaid invoices and still order in the webshop. The limit can be set on each customer, or for the entire shop.

Product matrix

This gives your customers a quick and easy way to order product with different options like sizes and colors.


Product attributes

Create and use an unlimited amount of attributes for your products in order to help customers identify the precise product they would like to purchase.

Advanced pricing

Setup special pricing per customer group, limited time deals, multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, and more!


Make changes quickly with batch updates to all products and receive low inventory alerts.

Inventory management

Track your inventory levels for each product and configure backorder capability and minimum / maximum ordering quantities.

Product images

Upload as many images to your products as needed! Each image will automatically be resized for your store and watermarked if needed. You can also allow customers to zoom into your product images.

Marketing Tools

Up Sell Your Products

Increase online sales by showing your customers related products, up-sells, cross-sells, and recently viewed products for them to purchase. Customers can also compare products to examine distinct differences.

Persistent Shopping Cart

Products added to a customer’s shopping cart will remain in their cart until they are ready to make their purchase.

SEO settings

Cannonical urls, metadescription, sitemap, noindex, is set up correct from the start.

Flexible Coupons

Create an unlimited amount of coupon codes for your website and define the rules on how customers can apply the discount.

Store Management

Multiple Languages

Manage multiple stores/languages from one account with the ability to share or restrict products, customers, payment methods, etc. between store views.

Users & Permissions

Define specific user roles for your account and create as many users as needed for your business. You can provide full access or limit a user to specific areas in your account.

Content & Image Editor

Use the built-in content & image management tool to easily change content and upload new banners and product images throughout your store.

AJAX Smart search

Customers searching for a specific product in the search bar will see a list of products matching the search term. The products will show with a thumbnail of the product image, the product name and customer specific price. Clicking the product will direct the customer straight to the product page.

Contact Form

Includes a contact form in order for customers to submit requests for an associate to contact them directly.


Settings per country

Supports multiple currencies, restricting shipping methods to specific countries.

Tax rules

Define tax rates per billing location. Also includes European Union VAT tax collection process by automatically applying the correct tax rules according to VAT customer groups.

Language packs

A high amount of language packs, that translates the majority of your webshop into a new language.

Conneyo Administration


The administration displays the status of the server and the Nav integration. This way you will always have the newest updates available.


Monitor your Nav integration in the Conneyo administration. The administration displays the latest and future synchronisations.


Change default information in the setting area such as contact email, colors and logo.

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